U.P. Running- Edition 2: Marquette/Northern Michigan University

Home of the Wildcats, Northern Michigan University.

This joke is PG-13 but a girl told me it was a great joke so it is a legal move.

“Girls from Marquette don’t give good head, they give Superior Dome.”

This is a joke because of The Superior Dome which is host to many sporting events as it is the world’s largest wooden dome and contains the football field within it.

Superior Dome | Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site

I did not run in the dome, but it is pretty hard to miss within campus and you can see it from every “mountain” that you could hike in the area.

I only ran in Marquette once, but it was a great run thanks to my man @coltonyesney who is from the area!

Negaunee Miners cross-country runner Colton Yesney sets another ...
HS Colton prolly baliing… fastest Yooper in XC history

Colton suggested the trails near Mt. Marquette which was gorgeous! Technical and slow at times, lots of up and down, curves, little bridges over streams, but also had lots of shade!

The Mt. Marquette Trails, I ran the Blue Loop

I finished that run by heading out to the Iron Ore Heritage Trail right along Lake Superior for some strides!

Michigan trails: The adventure continues but still plenty of work ...
Negaunee is the correct spelling (where do I get my images from??)

The weather was gorgeous for my run, the strides felt good, I had some stomach troubles, but survived them all, and had a smile on my face at the end.

The trails were awesome for easy runs, again not great for those friends with weak ankles or for large groups. They were extremely close to a dirt road for some reps, a road that drives to the top of the mountain for hill reps, and the trail on superior for whatever you need that for!

I was also told that running Presque Isle state park was a great run from downtown.

Presque Isle Park Loop - Michigan | AllTrails
I did not run this, but was driven around part of it

The park was awesome, and would be great for a jump off of Marquette’s famous “Black Rocks” to cap off a solid day and cool it down!

Along with these places, there are other hikes and trails that may not be perfect for running, but have some great surrounding trails and areas include, Hogback Mountain, Sugarloaf Mountain, and Dead River Falls, all of which I hiked!

I actually had a slight miss in the area with another Wolverine @cole_johns0n and he and I both agreed that training in Marquette with a group for a handful of weeks in the summer would be awesome!!

October students of the month for North Rockford Middle School ...
Found this great pic of Cole via Google

Will Noah and others make a trip to Marquette in the summer of 2021 to train???

The world may never know.

There is plenty of elevation in Marquette, but it is very easily avoidable unlike Houghton in my opinion.

I saw places to go fast, places to run very technical and slow, places covered by trees, places open and right on Superior, mountains within 5 minutes of downtown, and while this may not be a huge plus to Marquette’s running directly, a quick trip to Pictured Rocks if needed.

The university does not have an outdoor track but the high school does, not far away from downtown either!

What should Arizona schools do about GRADES? - Raising Arizona ...

Summer Training: 8.6

Winter Training: 4.8

Winter speaks for itself, the bump comes from the dome having a track inside which is awesome! However the copious amounts of snow take away some of what I love about Marquette and limit the routes quite a bit just as in Houghton.

Summer training is glorious, you can run somewhere to work on a tan or to protect a sunburn. You can literally run up Mt. Marquette, run around Presque Isle State Park, and find trails everywhere. All of that comes with the Iron Ore Heritage Trail that is just gorgeous for either running or biking and isn’t flat everywhere, but has plenty of flat if you need it.

Overview of the city of Marquette Michigan and Lake Superior from ...

The Black Rocks brewery could add some flavor to a nice dinner, or a want to try new drinks in new places, I personally loved the Honey Lav!

All in all, Marquette offers everything you need, and if you like the outdoors, the only way you could possibly be bored is because you chose to not get out and explore!

I have to plug Colton Yesney Vlogs with the only video I am featured in!

If you want to do a training trip to Marquette next summer, feel free to contact me, because even if I don’t do it, I would love to discuss the idea!

Make sure you check out Marquette, and KEEP GETTING BETTER, STACK BY STACK!


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