What coffee are you for each run? Warning! Clickbait!

I’m a runner. I drink coffee. I have a problem. Orrrr, maybe it’s a solution? Either way, not going to stop. My morning would not be complete without copious amounts of that dark warming substance.

Not all runs are the same. Neither are all caffeinated beverages. So, without further ado, I present you with an in depth breakdown of what morning drug lines up with each run.

The Standard:

2 cups of your moderately priced drip coffee. Here, you’re not saving for a special occasion but it’s not a mass production of cheap stuff.

  • Pairs with a 6-10 mile everyday run

The Let’s Get This Over With:

Bring out the Folgers and brew a cup of a somewhat palpable substance. Probably essential to add cream or sugar to this one just to get it down.

  • Pairs with a morning double up to 5 miles. Something light that just needs to be done

The French:

You get up early. Grind your finest beans. French Press made for optimal taste and aroma. Drink good, feel good.

  • Pairs with a long run or tempo workout

The Cold Night, Hot Run:

Reach into the fridge for a glass of some delicious Cold Brew to provide that extra jolt of energy.

  • Pairs with an evening double

The Quick Fix:

Do you have a Nespresso machine? If so, you’re in luck. Practice is at 6am and your alarm went off at 5:45. Reach for the espresso. Morning shots for the early grind.

  • Pairs with an overslept alarm

The Balancing Act:

May I present to you the Cortado? With the espresso evenly balanced with warm milk in a double shot sized glass, this is a more flavorful and cheaper option to a standard latte. Save your wallet and your tastebuds.

  • Pairs with post nap and pre afternoon weight sessions

The Sweet Tooth:

Maybe you go to Starbucks. Maybe you go to your local coffee shop and want to spend some unnecessary money. This drink is simply the Mocha. How much sugar is there in it? I would not recommend looking for that information.

  • Pairs with runners that are not actual coffee drinkers

The Italian:

Did you go to Italy for a study abroad and you can’t stop talking about it in non relevant social situations? The Cappuccino is the drink for you.

  • Pairs with everything. Why? Well I went to Florence and had one every day. Best time of my life. Wait…now I’m doing it. Anyways, good stuff

now, go get yourself something to drink

Dylan Sykes

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