Noah’s Slight Life Update

Hey folks, Noah Jacobs still here.

I don’t feel that I have been letting you down with content, due to our recent podcasts and staying on track with that.

However I have also been bothering our blog team to start pumping out some pieces, so I think its due diligence that I update people as well.

Outside of recording a few podcasts as of late, I have been extremely blessed to travel safely, see new things, and spend some quality time with family.

The Mackinac Bridge ft. The Fam

I did some incredible hikes, jumps, bikes, dips in the water, runs, golfing, and boat rides of course!

This was truly my first time into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and I did it solo (with the help of many people along the way)!

I will deep dive at some point into the trip, but I got to visit Michigan Tech in Houghton, Copper Harbor, Marquette, Pictured Rocks (near Munising), Lake Kitchikipi (awesome name) and finally stopped for some whitefish and a beer in Manistique!

That was only the way back home, I came back through that part of the state again!

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky, sunglasses, cloud and outdoor

Then I went to Houghton Lake to spend some time with my family before headed back to beloved Corunna for about 5 days!

Along the way, I recorded a podcast in Cyberia Coffee Co. in Houghton with Ben and Jeff Hollobaugh which was one of my favorites yet!

Jeff Hollobaugh (mask it!) (@michtrack) | Twitter
Class act, he will be back on the podcast if I have any say!
Be sure to check out his wicked book and learn a thing or two!

I will dive into the U.P. trip more in depth some other time, but let me say this, if you have never been… YOU NEED TO GO!

I had only been when I was about 14 and let me say, now it is much different.

The trip was so incredible that I am actively considering living there for approximately two months next summer to train and enjoy something new in my final summer before basically becoming an adult.

I was fortunate enough to be around people and counties that have essentially 0 cases currently and that have been tested for work and such as well.

I brought my own air mattress, pillow, and blanket everywhere while traveling, had my lysol wipes and spray in the car, and got tested right when I left Madison (negative).

I do understand that I was not 100% safe, I did interact with people, but I did have a mask with myself, and try to take all the precautions that I could.

COVID-19 cases rise among young adults: How to stay safe

I just got to fly by the seat of my pants and go enjoy nature!

I thought that there was no way I was in Michigan many times on the trip!

I got to run with different people as you could see on my Strava, I got to golf some different courses, and really I just felt full in being able to explore and see loved ones as well!

I also recorded a podcast from Jacobs Tree Farm with Lara Hamilton from Boise State that was largely about Strava, so look out for that podcast and also check out her website right here!

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, ocean, outdoor, water and nature

After really going at it on the tube at Houghton Lake with Isaac (youngest brother), Benny, and my mom (more of a make sure she didn’t get hurt), we hit the road on Sunday back for Madison.

My family joined me as we went to the Mackinac Bridge and Saint Ignace.

This restaurant in St. Ignace was an awesome feel. I loved the drive in, I loved the size and affordability of the food, and while it was not the greatest burger I have ever eaten, I could tell it was made with love, so I highly recommend Clyde’s!

After doing another couple of hikes and cool runs in the U.P. in Marquette and Houghton, I now reside back at Glenway Municipal Golf Course!

After all of that travel, all of the new experiences, the podcasts, the bike rides, the breath taking views, and the good company…

I just love the Midwest (especially Michigan) all the more!


Taka advantage of it and find a way to see people you care about!


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  1. Love reading this info from Noah Lee. You could be a professional speaker. You have a way with words. Love ❤️ grandma 👵 j.


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