To Train… Or to Be Trained

A Hamlet knock off of, “To be… or not to be… that is thy question”.

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Soliloquy what a funny word

The bad part about this question is what the answer is.


I can hear you, “now Noah, what do you mean you are both training and being trained at the same time?”, ahh yes now that is a very fair question. Let me explain further.

This is not like how I am “coaching” Cousin Tom and telling him what to do for training.

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It's been a wreck me week Oh, but who needs sleep?

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Cousin Tom all the way on the left of this photo right next to me. Van Hundo on the far right looks ready to slay Dracula.

Now when it comes to training there are a lot of different trains of thought you could go down.

Personally, while I would say that it can be fun in doses, training yourself is something that doesn’t help you focus on what you need as much as what you want at times.

Image result for i need it meme

I can tell you this from halfway training myself since returning from a hamstring strain. In addition, I have no idea what to do for biking to properly train, but I figure that biking at all and maybe a little wrong is better than not at all.

In a way, what I mean isn’t even about who writes your workouts or your weekly outline or whatever exactly you get.

To Train: you train your mind everyday on new habits, on goals you want to achieve, on things you want to do, on when you can step on the gas and when you need to maybe take a little pressure off.

To Be Trained: you have outside factors help contribute to decisions you make about physical training, nutrition, and really anything you do.

Now you may have someone directly sending you workouts or goal mileage charts, or you may have listened to advice from a friend about a workout, or way of incorporating strides, or when they do core to help you train.

That sounds like a great idea

Now when you find that sweet spot for doing core, what time you wake up, how long you snack before a run, or whatever you may be doing, that’s you combining both.

That is you training your mind and body to be in a rhythm to be doing something while you were trained by advice from somewhere almost certainly.

There is essentially nothing in running or habitual action in focus toward running that I do that I didn’t hear, read, or know that somebody else has tried or suggested before.

Close-up Of Father Giving His Son Piggyback Ride Stock Photo ...
Me taking everything from everyone
Maybe you take advice on cross training from this, maybe we stole it from someone else.

Running is so difficult because you put so much strain on your body, but have to find that terrifying red line and make sure you don’t cross it. That line is different for everyone, which makes coaching even harder in some aspects.

I know that personally I have gotten “hot” in training and usually that sucks me in. Few good workouts, a few weeks with a pretty looking number of miles, good long runs, whatever may be keeping the “hot streak” for me.

Then guess what happens, I get trigger happy, try to push a little farther, try to workout a little harder, when that isn’t the secret all the time because (for me at least) it results in another little knock up and me having to be sidelined for 3 weeks.

Use your mind and your gut instinct to slow yourself down sometime. Use your mind to create that rhythm, to find that flow in the grind weeks of the summer here. Use other people to help you make adjustments to your schedule in whatever aspect.

Never be afraid of learning!



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