Scrambled Legs 22

Episode 22 was a recap of thoughts about the ESPN documentary, “The Last Dance”, which was covering Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls.

Cole Johnson and Christian Hubaker from the University of Michigan Cross-Country and Track teams joined Ben and I to discuss this!

Michigan Track & Field / Cross Country on Twitter: "#MeyoInvite ...
2019 Michigan Men's Cross Country Awards and Honors - University ...

These two brought up some fun points about the documentary and helped give some great commentary on where they fit as “basketball players” (we all aren’t that great, Cole better than the rest of us).

Ben did an awesome job editing this podcast (about time somebody with some skill did it) and also had some great points!

Special thanks to Dillan Haviland for the help with the new podcast introduction song, we shortened it up and simplified it as well! Hope you like it!

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the documentary, and share the podcast with a friend or two!

Keep getting better!


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