Scrambled Legs- Mug Review

There she is folks

Have you ever been sitting at your kitchen table bright and early sippin’ a fresh cup of that rejuvenating, energizing, soul nectar that the layperson refers to as “coffee” and wished that it had a pair of legs coming out of an eggshell on the front of it?

Yeah me neither, but here we are.

If I can borrow a catchphrase of my associate Fats, I’m looking at a stack of mugs here “Hot off the press” and ready to be drank out of. Before we go forward, I feel obligated to offer a warning to all you would be warriors out there: these mugs are not for the faint of heart, they are super supremo extremo level mugs. Read on at your risk.

Mug time baybee

Above is an image of my breakfast this morning, more specifically, the Scrambled Legs Mug that held my hot Joe that I drank along with my eggs, bagels, and banana. The first thing that you’ll notice about the mug is that I lied earlier: this mug is not actually super supremo extremo, it’s just a regular mug. The thing is, though, with a coffee mug you really don’t need any extra frills to help you enjoy your coffee, you just need a tried and true classic workhorse that you know you can trust to get you through your morning slurp.

If anything, the simplicity of the mug is a selling point. When you’re starting your day, groggy as hell, considering whether this whole “consciousness” thing is really worth it, you don’t want anything distracting you from your delicitable beverage. The logo is strategically positioned on facing away from the mug’s operator (assuming you’re right handed, sorry lefties) so that you can rep the swag and support your favorite running related podcast without having any of your attention divided from your coffee.

Great for pets and people like Yoyo

If you’ll take a moment to examine the above picture, if you’ve got a real keen eye, you may notice that the person in the picture isn’t a person at all, but in fact, that person is a dog. That’s right folks, great for pets too! That’s the end of this section.

Final point: the mug has plenty of volume.

You ever feel like you need a little extra coffee and reach for a bigger mug only to realize that the mug is thick as hell and doesn’t actually hold as much coffee as you thought? Well the Scrambled Legs Mug does the exact opposite of that garbage. This is a mug that looks perfectly normal but actually has a sneakily large amount of volume to it. It’s perfect for drinking coffee with your friends and family and not having them think that you’re a caffeine addicted degenerate (when in reality, we all know you are).

Well folks there you have it: this mug is the mug for you if you’re a listener of the podcast, you’re a drinker of coffee, and you’re a real American.

Fastacks Forever, Benny out.

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