Way to work everybody, you survived another week of quarantine!

Spring is trying to creep in and give us all hope, but it has not made a full appearance and is essentially teasing us.

However, that should not stop you from finding ways to better yourself.

Personally I had a very solid week, got to catch up with a few friends over the phone, banged out 76 miles (I only share because it is very easy to find my training on Strava) and my dad bagged a turkey to wrap up the week!

This week the podcast has many plans:

First off, Noah interviewed his teammate Ben Eidenschink about Wisconsin denying eligibility to seniors for the spring sports season.

benjamin eidenschink (@ben_eidenschink) | Twitter

Second off, Ben and I plan on watching “The 41st Day” and discussing how Ryan Hall grew as a runner and his relationship with God. Special thanks to Brian Vasey for lending us a copy!

Third of all, make sure to check out Fatstacks Quarantine Episode 4 or at least the beginning of it as Noah joined Fats and YoYo to talk about Wisconsin’s ruling, talking to girls, and finished with a roommate draft of movie characters!

After that, we are going to try to release all of our podcasts and then over time continue to put them into the order that they were recorded and initially released to clean up our SoundCloud Page!

Next, Ben and I plan on doing a hat giveaway of a Fatstacks Hat and a J.O. Outfitters Hat with the following steps to enter in the giveaway:

  1. Share a post of a workout (run, bike, exercise activity) that you had recently completed and tag us on Twitter and/or Instagram and/or Facebook!
  2. Follow the account or like the page on any of our social media sources!

Finally, using Ben’s awesome new logo, we have ordered some mugs with the Scrambled Legs logo on it and if you are interested in getting one, we should be able to get them to their destinations in early May!

Little Sneak Peak

The final thing I would like to keep you in the loop of is the tree farm trail idea:

If you were unaware, Ben and I live on a tree farm in Shiawassee County, Michigan. We have many lanes that cut between the trees and we can run or drive if we wish.

However, there is another section of woods that we do not have any trails through and a brook that we could run by for a little while if we created a path.

We are going to work on finding some ground that is high and solid enough (much of the area is marshy especially this time of year) to try and expand on a deer path take out some small brush and make it a runnable path to add on at the beginning or end of runs once in a while!

Ben and I will do our best to document that process as it occurs and show some mud, some sweat, some tears, some trees, and hopefully a path by the end of all this!

Find something you want to do during this time, and go for it!

Have another great week!

Keep Getting Better!

-Jacobs, Noah

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