Scrambled Legs Ep: 15

Morgan Beadlescomb is a fierce competitor and a great friend!

Morgan used to race Ben and I in high school a few times a year and we grew relatively close and have gone on a handful of runs together and created a few memories!

When we started the podcast Morgan was just the kind of guy we wanted to have on the pod and when contacted he was immediately interested in calling in and talking with us!

However with quarantine rules becoming more strict, our original plan of actually getting together to record a podcast and maybe have some pizza (listen to find out his favorite topping).

Morgan joined us in between classwork to discuss what he is doing during this time, how much he loves working with a team, lessons he learned when he was an early collegiate, when he made his jump to a noisemaker in the Big Ten conference and much more!

Ben and I would like to thank Morgan for taking some time and joining us, and would like to thank you all for listening!


Love that growth mindset!

-Jacobs (Noah)

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