Global Shutdown… What now?

If you are asking this question, I have good news for you!

That is exactly what I am here to tell you!

Throughout quarantine and social distancing I have found myself what is going to happen? What is going on? What should I be doing?

To quote Noah Affolder who quoted Chris Solinsky in episode 14.. “Let go and let God”.

Obviously not all of you are religious, and that is ok, I still love you. However I am going to try and relate this to everyday life in the best way I can without just talking about the bible and Jesus.

I have struggled with the making of podcasts between Ben and I, ideas are becoming harder… people are not racing… nothing new is happening… you can not meet some one to do a podcast but rather Skype them (which I am thankful for video calling!).

In our last episode, Re-Run 1. Ben and I let go and just did what we felt we wanted to do.

In a combination of watching movies hand over fist during the break, to The Ringer Network “The Rewatchables” podcast… Ben and I decided to try our hand in talking about movies.

We messaged our partners and crime, and they were all for it… now to pick a movie

We nulled over some options and felt that Rocky IV was the perfect piece of propaganda to propel us forward in this task!

We had a lot of fun, now our listens on that podcast are not going to be our biggest ever. We may not make a lot of podcasts in that type of category.

To sum that up into an easy to understand point:


Week 16 - Just Do It

Remember before quarantine when you said you wish you had more time so that you could (fill in the blank) fix your bike, paint more, read that book, play cards, play board games, improve your podcast, connect with your grandparents, grow in faith, work on a diet, learn to TikTok, or whatever it may be…


Stop looking around and waiting for something to happen. Waiting for somebody to tell you to live your life!


Go work on that skill or that project. Go outside. Learn something. Become a better person. Make the most of this time.

Because there is only one thing that you never, ever get back.


Free A Picture Of A Clock, Download Free Clip Art, Free Clip Art ...

While you are at it, call your friend, your family member, somebody. Stay connected. The text you always forget to send that says “How are you doing?” or “Sup homie.” or whatever the cool cats are sending these days!

Don't count the days. Make the days count.” —Muhammad Ali ...

When quarantine ends, make it a goal to yourself, to come out as a better all around human being than when it started!

Now… go get it!

-Jacobs (Noah)

P.S. The Fatstacks crew just calls me by my last name, but I would assume that does not work for everybody… so I will include my first name more often now

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