ESPN’s Top 74 NBA Players of All Time is Ehhh..

ESPN made rankings for the top 74 NBA Players of all time???

Who got paid to pick 74, what the hell is that?

They had 1-10 ranked here with 11-40 here and the highest of the rankings 41-74 located here.

Aside from being a runner, I am a huge basketball junkie. Whether that comes to following the NBA, playing 2K, playing pick up basketball, listening to Redraftables podcasts, or playing fantasy basketball.

This video is very interesting but doesn’t directly relate to

Now ranking all the way through 74 for myself, it is hard to truly decipher who is the 74th best, or the 60th even, but I have some thoughts on guys that should be higher or lower.

Early thoughts were, how am I supposed to have an opinion on older players like Willis Reed, Earl Monroe and Dave Cowens. I trust they were all good, they have solid numbers.

Manu Ginobili is very overrated by this list. Manu was a great player, but I think placing him within the top 60 is preposterous. He may not even be a top 75 guy truthfully.

Image result for manu ginobili

Pau Gasol, after diving deeper into it all, actually belongs in the top 75 like he is placed. I won’t spoil all of the numbers but he was mega-efficient with the Lakers in those title runs and his numbers with the Grizzlies were magnificent.

Image result for pau gasol

Dennis Rodman, ranked here. His career numbers are hilarious. 7.3 PPG and 13.1 RPG but his viewership from his own 30 for 30 and “The Last Dance” has obviously boosted him on this list. Personally I love the way he played, guy was just crazy.

Clyde Drexler was severely underrated being over 50. Guy played on the dream team, won titles, and played in the finals multiple times. He had a sick nickname, that should materialize a higher ranking itself.

Image result for clyde drexler

Ray Allen, I would also consider slightly underrated, nothing to write home about. His ability to shoot and adjust to play on any team is something extremely valuable and I would have bumped him up a little bit.

Vince Carter. This is my opinion: One of the MOST OVERRATED BASKETBALL PLAYERS EVER! Vince was electric, he was a great dunker, and he did have a few outstanding seasons. However he never really made a playoff run, and frankly he didn’t make the guys around him much better. He shouldn’t be ahead of Ray, he belongs barely onto this list at all.

My final note before we jump into the top 40 is Russel Westbrook. He should not be ranked in front of Reggie Millernd

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