Conquering the Start of March

Everybody, I get it…

You are either waiting for Spring Break or just coming back from Spring Break and each day seems to be dragging on and on and on…

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Now you see people in Florida, at home, all over the place… but not in class… not suffering like you feel that you are.

However we can beat this. It just takes one key word:


Every. Single. Day. Is. A. Great. Day!

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Know that you have done worst. I promise you can make it to that AM class. I promise that you can get a workout in to feel good about yourself. I promise that you can eat healthy today and the next day. Do you believe in your ability to conquer the day?

Set up a reward system for yourself.

Maybe if you work out 5 mornings a week, treat yourself to that nice coffee place near your house one morning.

Maybe you make all of your morning classes and pay attention and help yourself in the long run in that class. Watch a movie with your roommates!

Now I get it, I sound like the perfect optimist. Believe me, Noah Jacobs struggles just like everybody else out there. Motivation is hard. I do not love sitting in Intermediate Microeconomics at 8AM on Tuesday and Thursday. However, I have made it to every single one.

In reward for studying, staying positive through a minor injury, focusing up for a few exams and trying to take each day and feel I did something good… I went home this last weekend (that is something I love to do)!

Image result for corunna high school

Only you know how to push yourself each day. Only you control if you stay in bed or you get up. Only you control if you give yourself that extra time to call a family member, read the bible, workout, shower, I don’t know what it is you really feel that you should do… but I support it!

As the days begin to show glimpses of Spring. The semester begins to be closer to the end than to the beginning, keep on hammering. You can do it, you can achieve your goals, take the steps toward future success, get that summer bod going! YOU CAN!

As always:

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