Episode 104 of the Fatstacks Podcast is live now: ‘Ghost Stories, Corona-Virus, Mob Talk, the Illuminati, & other Conspiracy Theories W/ Dr. Bindshutel’

The menacing horse statue at the Denver Airport. Listen to the podcast to hear more about why this thing is so evil.

Today’s show is one that you might not want to listen to at night… It’s a creepy one. First, we start by talking about our experiences with ghosts (Fats has a lot) and whether we think they are real. Then, we start to talk about some of our favorite conspiracy theories that we believe in… Some are pretty good and others are way out there. Enjoy.
Thanks for listening and follow us on twitter if you haven’t already and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts (TURN ON ALERTS). Have a great weekend and we will be back on Tuesday.
Episode 104 is presented by J.O. Outfitters, … The only gear you should be wearing when you listen to our podcast — “Our gear F*cking rocks, dude.”

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