I, Noah Jacobs, host of the Scrambled Legs Podcast am writing a blog.

This is a Monday, you’re coming off of the weekend, feeling good, but now reality sets in again. The realization of survive the week, to make it to your next race, your next weekend, your Spring break of whatever you’re looking ahead to. The question then reads, how do I focus to make this week my B!+(H???

Here is how you own the week, by taking it at the beginning and controlling! “HUMP IT INTO SUBMISSION!” This means that you have to get up, not hit that snooze button, get in that shower, play the song that you are most vibing to at that moment. Power you way into looking at the mirror and tossing a wink at yourself. A necessity, you have to get a good breakfast, maybe snack, maybe some coffee, get some fuel in you to power the day. Then you walk around like you are the biggest baddest guy out there while listening to your favorite podcast, playlist, speech, or whatever you need in your ears to keep you going.

Now you are sitting at work, in class, or wherever you happen to be sitting on your Monday. This may be the biggest key as to what you have to do, but it is the scariest. You lock up the phone, place the headphones in your bag or in your pocket, and you pretend like it isn’t a real thing. Your phone is the main distraction to you thinking about the future or what you may be looking forward to. You focus up in that 75 minute, hour, 60 minute segment or whatever it may be and just sit there and soak up the day. Terribly difficult to do, but you can do it, especially if you can make yourself get on a treadmill, or roll out of bed and hit the road. Make your phone not the center piece of your day, but make yourself the center piece. Talk to people, say hello, be genuine, be kind, leave early so you actually have time to hit the bathroom, change it up, let the mind and body do something slightly different.

Then by the time you get to you workout later that day, the ability to check your phone, to update a song for what you may be doing, or too upload to Strava, becomes one hell of a sensation. The ability to check Instagram to wind down later is way better rather than the classic check between every class or even during lecture. Own your phone, own your self!



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