KB’s Death Has Sparked An Old Interest In Me. Basketball.

Trey Burke’s “foul” on Peyton Siva was really, the last time I paid attention to the sport of basketball. With all of this news coming out about Kobe’s death, it has re-sparked an interest down deep in my soul that was once there and is now back. My relationship with the game of basketball.

Why was it gone?

Flashback Junior year of high school: Things were riding high for me. Class President, had a hot girlfriend, a loveable guy, teachers liked me, and so on. This all came to a crashing halt when I heard famous words from my varsity basketball coach: “Yoyo, the JV needs a captain”. This is when I walked away from the game I loved, tied them up and threw them over a powerline.

Image result for like mike power line shoes

Why is the love back?

After the NBA Trade Deadline happened, the Pistons made these weird moves that keep me wondering if Cousin Eddie is running the place:

I had all of these deja-vu scenarios of coming home from school to watch the Pistons with father YOYO. Basketball is where I met all of my best friends that to this day are still around. Basketball was the core of so many friendships. Even if I was that 5th grader with 2 knee braces and could only hit shots if I was standing on the block with no defenders around me, I had a good time doing it. The core of my relationship with the game of basketball is BACK and stronger than ever.

Let’s shoot some threes, drink some beer, and enjoy a full day of college basketball, shall we??

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