Fatstacks ‘Squirt’ Blog: Andrew Luck Shocks The NFL After Retiring At Age 29.

Andrew Luck just retired from the NFL as an Indianapolis Colts in the preseason while coming back from a calf injury.  Luck had overcome some major shoulder issues previously in his career and reached pro-bowls, the playoffs, and really made a positive mark on the Colts organization and on the NFL.  I have seen numerous videos of Luck being hit and saying “Nice hit big guy” to the linemen that just clocked him. Luck is a smart man, graduating from the University of Stanford with a degree in architectural design.  Making 100 million on the field in his career and then whatever he has made in endorsements, I for one can say that I assume he has invested wisely and will be well set for the rest of his life.

Luck, similarly to Calvin Johnson who I have a deep respect and love for as a Lions fan, wanted to keep himself safe.  Luck also though said that he wanted to keep himself mentally and emotionally healthier, happier, and just overall more peaceful.  If you were a Colts fan, who would have been expected to make a serious run at, and even in the playoffs, this news would be crushing.  Hopefully they still have a quality season as one of my roomates is a Colts fan and I would like to avoid his possible bitching about a poor season because as a Lions fan, I do plenty of that already.  (https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/andrew-luck-retirement-heres-hoping-he-finds-peace-and-fulfillment-in-whatever-is-next-to-come/)

Personally as an athlete I have unfortunately also dealt with my fair share of injuries as well.  Fortunately for me though, the amount of pressure I feel to return, perform, and meet the expectations of fans is not even microscopic in comparison to what he deals with.  I have sat seasons, missed many games and events, have felt like I have let people down, but he has an entire state, who knows how large of a fanbase, following him, as a franchise QB, and a former #1 pick in the draft and a Heisman Trophy winner.  I however was a small school “stud” that was blessed enough to break a few school records.  

One of the hardest things in the world is to quit something that you once loved, to hang it up, and to face the people that enjoy you being there, that want you to succeed, and really just to be honest with yourself, especially if you work as hard as Luck has for as many years as he has.  As a teammate, I have had this happen with friends calling it, I had to drop baseball to pursue running, and I know what that did to family/friends and how they loved baseball during the summer. Not even near the level of what Luck had, I know, I am a proverbial scrub. However, being booed off the field on his last time walking off, would hurt so bad.  I understand being a fan and wanting Luck to play, I understand being a fantasy football owner and drafting a player that sits or gets injured or whatever may happen (I drafted Trent Richardson in the first round the first year he just was terrible). If you were to look at Andrew Luck as a person, not just as a football player and the American God which is an athlete to many people, you would be able to understand better. 

I respect the hell out of Andrew Luck for this decision, I am sure that it has been in his mind for a long time, and he was just married this March, and announced in June that he will be expecting his first child (congrats I am sure it will be a freak athlete)!  Leaving your teammates, your franchise, and your fans would be very, very difficult, especially as a franchise QB. However, when the time to hang it up comes, not fighting it, and going with your gut and talking to the people that love you, is a move of a true man.  It is not like Andrew Luck did this to hurt the Colts, but rather to help himself and his family. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_Luck#Personal_life)

I do understand that Andrew Luck will never read this, so sure you can say come on Fatstacks Squirt, get his wang out of your mouth, but this is an issue I feel that many people are not even considering Andrew Luck as a person, or putting themselves in shoes even near what he is going through. 

I would be curious to hear what my great coworkers(??) have to say about this topic.  To me, injury in sports is very sensitive and I have strong feelings about the mental side of things as well, but as they are bigger football fans, and have played football (one of which actually as a QB who was fortunate enough to toss a ball to the back of the endzone that the greatest receiver that never was (me) hauled in for a meaningless 2 point conversion) have to say about Luck.  Especially hearing YoYo just attack Zeke Elliot in episode 68…

To Andrew Luck,

I am sorry that football did not work out for longer, you were a great player, I wish you had played for one of the teams that I root for at my core.  Congrats on a retirement without any permanent damage to your brain, and on your marriage and future child. Hopefully things work out well for you. May you spit seeds happily in the future!  


Fatstacks Squirt


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