The Five Teams That HBO Should Have Selected For Their College Version of ‘Hard Knocks’ (I NEED TO SEE BRIAN KELLY EXPLODING ON NOTRE DAME MANAGERS!)

(Source)–A documentary series modeled after HBO’s popular ‘Hard Knocks’ program is coming to college football.

According to various reports, Arizona State, Alabama, Washington State and Penn State have entered discussions to allow cameras and filmmakers on campus this season to shoot footage for an upcoming yet-to-be-revealed production on the popular cable channel.

Penn State released the following statement on Tuesday alluding to its potential involvement in the show: “As we do with all opportunities we feel can enhance our program, we are exploring the prospect of working on this project with the appropriate officials from all parties involved.”

This is simply a brilliant idea by HBO, a college football version of ‘Hard Knocks’ should absolutely be appointment television for anyone who even remotely cares about college football or great documentaries. The idea of an “unfiltered” look at college coaches Mike Leach and Nick Saban is enough for me to race to reddit and find an illegal HBO stream to watch this the second it drops (I don’t care if it’s a lesser quality, I don’t have the money to pay $14.99 a month for HBO). But I can’t help but feeling like HBO missed the mark with a couple of their selections for this year’s teams.

For starters… Penn State. Sure, they have the “brand”. But since McSorley and Saquon left they really don’t have any players that I care to watch for an hour. That’s only a small part of the problem with selecting Penn State, secondly and more importantly, James Franklin is their coach (AKA the biggest douchebag in college football, yes… Even more than Brian Kelly). Honestly though, will anyone watch this portion of documentary thinking about how great Franklin is? For sure not. People are going to hate watch this just like they hate watch ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.* However, maybe that’s what HBO was going for, maybe that’s what drives ratings and if so, touché. Actually, no… Not touché. I mean, HBO are we sure that we even want cameras set up at Penn State? Things could go from 0-100 real quick 😅.

What a ricochet shot at Akron! I hope Akron schedules them every year just for the one year they win and this soundbite can resurface.

*Seriously though, that’s actually a great show… Not for you? Listen to this teaser about season 17 (airing on Sept. 8th) and tell me you aren’t intrigued; “The show will explore how Kylie Jenner is trying to mediate between Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods after she kissed Tristan Thompson, who was Khloe’s ex.” That’s what I thought.

The second mistake HBO made was ASU, but this one is not as egregious as the PSU selection. Sure, I like Herm Edwards just fine but do we need an hour of him after watching him on TV for 20 years? I know I don’t and do we really need the “behind the scenes” of a 6-6 Pac-12 team? Now granted, the background shots of ASU’s campus and the beautiful girls at Arizona State might be enough to save this portion of the show, but I’m not counting on it.

ASU is widely regarded as the school with “the hottest girls”… I wonder how they calculate that?
“Imagine studying or reading here!” – the campus tour guide on your visit.

Maybe, I’m wrong. Maybe people do want to watch PSU and ASU, but you can you honestly tell me that they would be more compelling than these teams?

5. Washington State

HBO got this one right, Mike Leach is the definition of an “Electric Factory”, I don’t care if they are the worst team in all of college football this season, this will still be great television. Mike Leach is simply that “classic” of a coach.

4. Notre Dame

What’s better than watching a 18 year old get absolutely bitched out by a coach? The answer is absolutely nothing (no, not even an instagram models workout video). Whether you like it or not, head coaches are the “stars” of college athletics and when they blow their lid it’s enthralling. Brian Kelly is the king of that, or he used to be anyway (he claims to have completely changed how he coaches, but I doubt it). No one loses their mind like Kelly and that’s why HBO should have featured Notre Dame. Sure, they have a beautiful campus and a great team, but that’s besides the point. I NEED Brian Kelly unfiltered and so should you.

3. Clemson

Honestly, watch this video… It’s incredible.

Everybody loves Dabo and why shouldn’t you he seems like one of the nicest guys on the planet and he’s a great football coach. However, I’m not quite as sold. I think that if cameras followed around Dabo that people might be surprised as to the type of coach he is, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing I just don’t think that college football coaches are all “sunshines and rainbows”. Seeing that side of Dabo would be extremely interesting and even if he truly is the nicest guy in the world, that would be awesome to watch as well. Clemson also has the most talented roster in the country this year, including Trevor Lawrence and I feel that us as fans were cheated out of watching them practice everyday in their state-of-the-art facility.*

*I am all for the paying of players, but how can you look at that facility and say that they are being “taken advantage of”… I mean, come on.

2. Alabama

Yet again, HBO knocks it out of the park with this selection. Alabama is essentially the college version of the New England Patriots and watching people who are the best at what they do is always interesting. That’s Nick Saban. That’s Alabama. That’s New England. That’s Belichick. And although we probably won’t ever get to see Belichick on Hard Knocks, Saban is the next best thing. Not only that, but Alabama has numerous other characters who are interesting: Tua, legendary strength coach Scott Cochran, Steve Sarkisian, and Stephen A. Smith?


Nobody in college football is more polarizing than Jim Harbaugh and whether you like him or not, Jim Harbaugh is entertaining as hell. Plus, Michigan might actually be the best team in the Big Ten this year… Might. Need I say more?*

*Let’s just hope it’s nothing like the Amazon prime documentary about Michigan… Which you could tell Michigan sifted through and only posted the parts they wanted.

But who am I kidding? Regardless of what teams are on this new college version of ‘Hard Knocks’ it will still be awesome. Unless it was MSU and Mark Dantonio… Seriously though, can you picture a less entertaining team than them?*

*Come on, you know it’s not a blog written by Fats if there isn’t at least one jab at MSU.


Extra Credit: Seriously though, I cannot believe that college football is almost back. LET’S GO!

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